Research Grade Observations that show up as "Needs ID"

Has anyone seen this bug? When I look at the observation from the explore menu, it is says unconfirmed.

But when I go to the actual observation, it says needs ID, but it has two confirmed IDs to make it Research Grade.

And it is not because the DQA is checked.

Here are options that I have on the Explore widget.

Is it caused by having too many iNaturalist tabs at the same time?

Important: I just realized I was wrong. It just needs another observation to make it Research Grade. However, I have encountered a similar bug before with observations that were confirmed with both IDs at species level. I just need to take a screenshot of it next time.

Screenshots are good, but when you encounter possible issues like this, the best thing to provide are some URLs so we can check out the observations.

Given there’s no issue here, I’ll close this bug report and you can open another if you encounter another issue.