Restoration Time Machine in the Presidio

I thought I’d share this cool website that shows before and after photos of ecological restoration in the Presidio of San Francisco. I helped with these restorations back in 2006-2009.

There are thousands of iNaturalist observations from these restoration sites. And a lot of the species observed at these sites would not be found there if it weren’t for the restorations. This includes many rare and endangered species (but those locations will be obscured of course).

In this time of deep pessimism about the state of our planet I want to inspire a little bit of hope. There are amazing restoration projects going on all around the globe and these are making a difference. iNaturalist is a great way to document how nature responds in our restoration sites.

Here’s the Presidio iNaturalist project with tons of great observations:


I love it!
thank you for your work and for sharing this with us.

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Very cool!

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