Reverse search images

Google has a reverse image search.

Incorporating this feature directly into iNat will be extremely taxing to iNat servers, but if an automated feature allows the iNat user to do this than it may prove beneficial.
How to allow an automated process of checking your images located on iNaturalist using Google Search engine?

what are you using it for? if it’s for ID i doubt it’s better than the ID algorithm (have people found that it is?) However, it’s also useful to check if a photo someone used is taken from the internet.

For context, I split this topic off from the website selling photos one.

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Yes, as Bouteloua mentioned it was originally posted for selling photos from inaturalist

Some members had concerns of various Websites stealing their photos for profit. I made mentions of such tool available for public such as the Google Reverse Image Search in the comment. Simplifying the process of searching your images via Google engine through an automated process would make things easier. It’ll be very time consuming to do this manually if a person has thousands of observations.

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Someone on facebook told me that Google Lens on his Google Pixel phone is way better at identifying things than iNaturalist’s computer vision. I’m skeptical, but identifying plants and animals is one of the advertised features and I guess if it uses Google Images and most of the images on iNaturalist end up on Google Images, it’s possible. It might make sense with birds, although I’d still expect Cornell’s Merlin to do better, but I think he was suggesting that it even worked better for “bugs”…
This isn’t the same as Google’s reverse image search though.

Interesting. I would think that google image search would be worse to train on even if it includes all iNat observations because it always pulls in random other stuff. But Google has access to some very cutting edge tech that iNat may not have.So it’s possible. I wonder what taxa.
I will have to try google lens on my work phone (since it’s an android) if that is free

This isn’t something that Google supports, so I’m going to close this thread.