RIP Vic Fazio, long-time contributor and ornithologist, entomologist

A loss indeed, as individuals like him are invaluable to not only identifying species, but also making more people interested in the natural world, as he and people like him bring so much knowledge easily available to the public, and thus connecting people with Mother Earth.

Sad that he died from lymphoma as many of the sub types have very good prognosis now. I for one had lymphoma (Hodgkins) in 2015. It’s just an example of how unpredictable cancers are, and life in general. Fortunately he was able to leave an impressive legacy and hopefully inspire others to continue his work.


Oh no. So very sad to read this. Vic Fazio was a great help to so many of us, so often. 60 is way too few years…
Heartfelt condolences to his family, and to all who knew him.


So sad and a tremendous loss. I’ve been missing your generous identification skills. RIP Victor.

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My loving thoughts of comfort to VIc’s family. I only knew him here in the ether. He was always helpful and kind. I am grateful for his body of work and his passions to teach and pass on knowledge and wisdom. I am honored to have been corrected by his amazing skills. Skillful, mindful, passionate, and wonderful. Your memory will live on in my life. Thank you…

Howard Friedman

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