The passing of a great iNat Contributor - Dendroica / John Beetham

I just wanted to pass along the sad news that my friend, birder, naturalist, and all around great guy John Beetham passed away on Monday. He was @dendroica here. He has over 15K observations of 2300+ species on here. Quite a contributor! He also contributed heavily to eBird and the NABA sightings page. I know he’s helped many here with IDs and many have helped him. He will be greatly missed. Here are a few write-ups about him:

Thanks for reading - Patrick Belardo (Piscataway, NJ)


Im sorry to hear about your loss. I wish him good in his next life.

Welcome to the forums.


So sorry to hear about his passing, Patrick, thanks for letting us know. Looks like John was one of iNat’s earliest members, he’s user 172.

Here’s a map of observations by others that he identified, looks like he helped folks from all over the world.


I’m sorry for your passing


John was one of the first people I became aware of here on iNaturalist, more so than on ebird although there is hardly any ebird hotspot in the area without his name on it. Others have probably similar experiences. I’ve met him in person only twice, and I did have a list of questions I’ve been meaning to ask him next time we’d meet. Well, maybe someday.

Patrick, thanks for sharing this here in addition to the bird mailing list.


I’m so sorry to hear about John. Thank you for sharing the sad news and these write ups about him. I know he helped me with identifications here on iNaturalist. I do hope his blog will remain as it looks like a great resource for a fledgling DC birder like me.


It’s just plane sad to see so many great people pass away. His profile has some great observations. He will be greatly missed.


Now that is a cool fact. That’s really amazing that he joined so early and I wouldn’t have expected anything else. That link is truly mindblowing. Thank you.


I’m sorry to hear this sad news about John Beetham’s passing. I’m gratified you posted those links so those of us who didn’t know him could learn about his character and how generously he shared his knowledge and talents with this community and others. He was a fine man, who was fortunate to have you as his friend, too. I’m sorry for your loss.


It’s always tragic when a skilled, and nice person dies. The world somehow becomes smaller. Then I think about all the young people I have come into contact with, and the hope rises again. I don’t think I ever had any interactions with him, but from his reply to your setting up a blog, he seemed like a good person.


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