Root word for -dera/dero-

Probably a long shot, but does anyone know the actual root word for -dera/-dero. As a suffix/prefix it means neck, but that’s literally as far as I can get. lists both as meaning neck, and searching Derodontidae or Orthodera (beetle family and mantis genus) tells you that it means neck, but no matter what I search for I can’t find the actual root word.

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Merriam Webster says it’s from Greek, eg
“History and Etymology for Heterodera
New Latin, from heter- + -dera (from Greek derē neck)”


Absolute legend! I was googling all the taxa with dero/dera in them, obviously missed out on that one. Huge thanks.

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Interesting … Cryptodira, the hidden-neck turtles, is apparently derived from Greek with a similar root word, maybe originally from Latin. Also, Pleurodira, the side-neck turtles.

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