Rotate photos 180 degrees

When editing an observation, you have the option to rotate photos left or right 90 degrees. If you have an upside down photo that you need to rotate 180 degrees, as is, you’ll need to rotate it 90 degrees twice. Since each 90 degree rotation takes some time, having to do it twice makes the process slower than ideal. I suggest that it would be helpful to add a third option to rotate a photo 180 degrees. As a programmer, I can’t imagine that this would be much effort to implement given what’s already there.

Upside down photos can be very common when photographing with a smart phone pointed straight down as the phone can’t figure out which way should be up.

Personally I’d rather the existing rotate feature stay the same, but just not take as long. :)

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That would work for me.

It’s doubtful whether much can be done to speed things up, because a completely new, transformed copy of the image has to be created. Changing the orientation property in the metadata would be quicker, but the metadata is stripped, so that isn’t an option.

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