Says Map area in the iNaturalist app when not on the map

Platform Android

App version number App, Verson 1.21.3

Screenshots of what you are seeing

Description of problem This only happends when I am on the map and then switch to the observations page.

Steps to fix:
I have no idea.

Hi Myles. I’m pretty sure it’s fine to show photos in this context, but you can limit it to your own observations if you really want…
Please include URLs so we can try to understand better.

This only happends in the app. Is there a way to get app links? Also, none of those photos are mine.

It’s referring to the search location for those observations being within the map area - you likely tapped “Search map area” - and not that you’re viewing a map.


When you open Explore, it defaults to showing observations in “Your Location”. You can change the location by searching for a place, or moving the map and tapping “Search Map Area”. For example I used the filters to search for observations in Thailand in these screenshots. The text there at the top is just telling you the approximate region of those observations you’re viewing.


Yes, but sometimes when switching from “Map Area” to “Your Location” the text up top does not update to Your Location.
Edit: Oh! Okay! Sorry for your time.

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You don’t have to censor all the images - here on the forum showing other’s posts isn’t masquerading as it is your own, so it isn’t against any rules unless you pretend that it is your photo.