Search for taxon "Alansmia stella" results in fail whale

Searched for the taxon to try to add it, and the fail whale comes up whenever I search for that name.

looks ok to me.

Right, but try plugging it into the search box.

i did both the search box and the taxon search box (on the taxon page), and it seems to come back just fine.

I submitted a false record of this taxon just now and it went through okay.

I also get the fail whale, but I when I plug Alansmia stella into the search box, I get a 2-option drop-down menu that appears. If I select one of the options from the drop-down menu, it works. If I just press enter, the fail whale appears. Screen shot below.


Hmmm, when I did the same using the Search box, the Observations page for that species came up, indicating “no results found” – which is true because there are no submitted records.

If I type “Alansmia stella” in the search box, two options show up, pressing enter results in a whale, selecting the first option results in “no observations” and selecting the second option results in endless hourglass (two arrows chasing each other).

Typing “Alansmia stell” and pressing enter results in just the first option appearing and pressing enter results in :

Search Results for “Alansmia stell”

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Alansmia stella | View Observations

Alansmia stella is a species of plants with 0 observations

Other Names: Terpsichore stella, Grammitis stella, Ctenopteris stella

I confirm exactly this behavior from my machine. Further, if the second menu item is chosen, the URL contains “taxon_id=null” so I suspect there’s a database problem with “Alansmia stella flava” that is messing up the search for the species. A taxon search for the subspecies turns up no result, and the taxon info for the species shows no subspecies defined. Oddly, typing in “Alansmia stella flava” and hitting return also results in the fail shark, even though there is only one choice in the dropdown menu.

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I’m now getting a similar problem with Adenophorus sarmentosus rockii, where the name of the taxon shows up in the search box but is linked to “null”.

It looks like the null taxa got fixed…but then apparently as I was trying to import them from EoL (I successfully created both manually), iNat reimported them as null taxa again. Now I can see my own manually created Alansmia stella flava in the dropdown, together with another ungrafted one that has a null ID. Same for Adenophorus sarmentosus rockii.

No fix yet–I’m still able to see the null taxa in the dropdown for both of the cases I mentioned. These are presumably not the only ones. Is there any way to fix the importer to avoid creating null taxa, or run a periodic maintenance query to help find and delete these?