Search functionality added for Messages

Hey everyone, just a heads-up that your inbox ( should now have a simple search functionality. You can search through your messages by user or by subject/body.

If you are in your Inbox, only received messages will turn up in the results, and if you are in the Sent tab, only sent emails will be returned as results.

Let us know if if’s working for you, and if you can spot any bugs. Thanks!


Great to have this feature as I have often spent a long time wading through messages to find something I knew was there.

But just tested searching for messages in my inbox, I enter their username and hit search, and it then tosses me into the sent box and shows results for messages I sent them. Clicking back on inbox and trying again results in the same thing. And when I try to change who I am searching for it reverts back to the first name that I entered.

I am using the latest firefox 67.0, 32bit on Windows 7.
(Same in Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0, on Windows 10)

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@tony_wills I can replicate. It was working fine yesterday as far as I can tell. I’ll file a bug report.

@optilete the strings should be on TranslateWiki.

Yes, they should be there. But now they really are…

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