Over a period of weeks, I have tried People Search for some I know are on iNat. but get "No results" message. I use a laptop with Firefox browser for all my iNat. use

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Step 1: Searched for user: Camille Grabb: Received message: No Results

Step 2: Searched for user: Leslie Fellows: Received message: No Results

Step 3:

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Do you know that those users have included their (I’m presuming) real names on iNat? It is not required, and many users do not. If they haven’t included these names in their profile, a search won’t return them.

This is probably only a bug if someone can provide a user who does include a specific name on their profile that the search should return but does not.


If - you expect to find them on iNat, you know they are here?
Can you find an ID or a comment on an obs - to see what their user name is?

Some use a ‘name’ which I can remember, others have a cryptic string of letters and random symbols - which are impossible to remember and tappy tappy out. Was it _ or - ? How would I remember??

Or scrunched together as one uncomfortable word - which is what I ended up using.
There is a long dead request to let us use upper case
DianaStuder would be more readable - especially since we have ‘all the human’ language names here.

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Ah!, after checking some Profiles, I see that several of those for whom I Searched, do NOT include their full name! Puzzle solved. Thank You!

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