Search info about Terellia serratulae

Hello. do you know where I could find complete information (if possible in French) on Terellia serratulae ?

Does work? It is limited to France, however.

On iNaturalist you might ask Spencer Pote. He is extremely interested in Tephritoidea.

Okay, I have two more questions.

I read that the species was parasitized by Bracon minutator. Is this information still relevant?

What does the adult eat (juice, nectar…)?

Sadly I am the least knowledgeable person, however Spencer Pote (spencerpote on iNaturalist) likely knows the answers to your questions, or one of the other “Fly Guys” like @zdanko (same user name on iNaturalist) or Martin Hauser (phycus on iNaturalist) may be able to assist.

Good morning.

Can you tell me which species parasitize the Terellia serratulae fly ?

this is just a rehash of, and it really just seems to be another in a long series of threads seeking advice about raising different organisms in terrariums or something like that. is this really the best forum for these questions?

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