Is there a way to add multiple places to one search?

I want to have one link where I will be able to have all new observations of my group from territories that I interested in (several countries and some parts of several more countries), like this, but for multiple places:
In “subscriptions” it’s not sufficient. Of course I could create a new place with required borders, but it would be almost half of Europe and it says that large places slowdowns the site and such “place” is not some region, so it would be needed only for me. It would be possible to create a new project and to add several places there, but seems to be not appropriate usage of this feature, this project would be also displayed in my observations. So is there no way? I only can create 15 links like one above and check each of them?

So long as you know the place numbers, then yes, you just have to add the list separated by commas.

So for example, this URL will return all observations in either Sweden or Denmark,7599&subview=table

You can’t even attempt to do this. Users are only able to add new places with small geographies (I believe no more than about 50,000 km2.

Curators like yourself can go up to about 500,000km2, but something covering half of Europe would exceed this.


Great, thank you very much!

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