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I use both my iPhone and my camera to make observations and that means I also use both the app and website to upload. My question is if it is possible to search for my observations made only with the iPhone and uploaded through the app?

it’s possible, but it’s a multistep process. for most people, the easiest way to do this will be to export your observations, making sure you select oauth_application_id as one of the fields you export. then use that field to differentiate between the observations. oauth_application_id = null generally will be cases where observations were submitted via the web, and oauth_application_id = 3 will be cases where observations were submitted via iPhone app.

it’s also possible to get this information via the API, but that would require a little more skill to write the necessarily code to get and filter through your observations.

just out of curiosity, why do you care whether a particular observation was submitted via iPhone?

UPDATE: see tiwane’s answer below.


You can append oauth_application_id=3 to the Your Observations search. That should return all of your observations created with the iOS app. eg


Thank you. I can see I’m going to need my son’s help to do this :)

It’s just a matter of personal interest in that whenever I upload from the website, and my observations were taken from near home, I always tag it as such. When done on the app, it’s not that straightforward and I often forget to fix it later. It’s just a bit of fun to see how many observations and species I have discovered in my yard and immediate surrounds.


oh, you’re right… i guess i should have tried this, but it it wasn’t documented in the API docs. it is documented here though:


You could always make a Collection project to do that, and wouldn’t need the tags!

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