Transfer observations from Seek on iPhone to iNaturalist

I have enjoyed for few weeks now Seek on the iphone and observed over 100 species. However when I log to the iNaturalist website nothing shows under observation.
What steps do I need to take to link the two together (the website with the phone)?

I’m afraid I don’t actually use the apps, but from what I understand, there is an iNat app you can download (separate from Seek) that will take what you shoot on the phone and upload it to the website. I seem to recall hearing about trying to do the same with Seek, but I don’t know where that is right now.

I’m not sure this will answer your question, but it’s an introduction to the new version of Seek which does allow posting to iNaturalist. There is an ongoing discussion there, too.

Hi @giaco! Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying Seek. Prior to last week, all of the observations made with Seek were only stored on your device. This allows Seek to work for privacy-conscious folks who don’t want to publicly share their records.

Unfortunately there’s not a way to submit your past Seek observations to iNaturalist from within Seek. If you’re interested to do that, I recommend using the iNaturalist app to upload the photos that were originally taken with Seek (or used for the Seek observations). Note that photos taken within the app will not have geotags, so you’ll need to manually add the locations for those.

Given the scale of observations you mention, it may be easier for you to manage those by uploading them on the iNaturalist website, which has more functionality for bulk uploads. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions, either here or to

Thank you so much all for your help and answers.
I was expecting replies along the line of search in the forum …
Very kind of you


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