Instructing users to split into separate observations

I was just looking at the different instructions in the Help section of iNaturalist for multiple organisms in a single observation. As far as I can tell, it’s not possible to tell on the Identify page whether a user with a new account is using the app or the website. Has anyone figured out how to explain the concept of fixing multiple-organism observations that covers both website and app observations, or is it better to just link to the Help section? Is it even possible to read the Help section on the app? Sorry, I never use the app.

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Here are some template responses to this common issue:
You could link to the help page, which would open in their mobile browser app (such as Safari or Chrome).

Here’s how to tell if someone is using the iPhone or Android apps. Go to the observation. On the right side, scroll down to where it says “Copyright Info” or “Copyright Info and More”. For iOS/Android/web browser, here’s what it’ll look like:



uploaded via web browser/on computer (no indicator):


Thanks. I really meant how to do it without having to open to the observation view, so I was looking for something that covers both ways. So maybe just “this observation contains photos of more than one kind of organism–here’s how to fix it–[link to Help page that you gave above]”?

We just made those up, so feel free to formulate some text that works for either web or mobile and any curator can add it to that “Frequently Used Responses” page.

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Thanks, sorry. I thought that was the Help section, didn’t even notice it was titled “Frequently Used Responses.”

There is one on the FAQ page, maybe it could be beefed out provide instructions on fixing existing observations:

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Wow! You folks have made these even better than when I last looked!

I wish someone would add a link to these to the Identify toolbar, so identifiers could open a window to these prepared responses as needed.


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