Search URL parameter photo_license does not allow multiple filtering in Identify

Platform: Website

Browser: Firefox, Chrome, etc…


  1. Identify with CC0 (2 pages of results)
  2. Identify with CC-BY-NC (58 pages of results)
  3. Identify with CC0 + CC-BY-NC (zero results)
  4. Explore with CC0 + CC-BY-NC (>6000 observations)

Description of problem:

According to the Search URL Wiki, one should be able to filter for multiple license types using the photo_license parameter:

Use of the filter for multiple license options currently does not work in Identify ( The Wiki does not mention this, so I’m guessing that it’s a bug.

you can work around the problem by using lower-case values. i’m not exactly sure why it makes a difference, but it does when you’re dealing with multiple values for that parameter in the Identify screen.


It does indeed work. Thank you @pisum!

Thanks much @pisum and @murphyslab for figuring out this quirk. I modified the Search URL wiki to reflect this information.