Searching for an existing user yields no results

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Step 1: tried to search for a user profile for “timandcarolynwedesweiler” - iNat cannot find it

Step 2: found the user profile via one of their observations (see URL above)

Step 3: double checked to see if the user_login name was changed, but they appear to match


looks like there’s a limit to the length of the search term.

doesn’t work (>22 characters):

  • timandcarolynwedesweiler
  • timandcarolynwedesweile

works (<=22 characters):

  • timandcarolynwedesweil
  • wedesweiler

doesn’t work (>22 characters):

  • pacificwhitesideddolphin
  • pacificwhitesideddolphi

works (<=22 characters):

  • pacificwhitesideddolph
  • pacificwhitesideddolp

May be one benefit of using shorter usernames, although longer ones are fine to use too.

And you might want to check your direct messages - 27 is a lot :).


thanks - something else to keep in mind…

This wasn’t a reply to me right? (I don’t know of any message I haven’t replied to already)

The “27” is in the screenshot in the first post.

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Sorry, no, it was to @rcavasin

No worries - I had to perform a campaign where I messaged a whole bunch of project participants (long story omitted). I get the responses via email, not sure why those messages are counted on my inbox.