Searching for Withdrawn Identifications

Is there a way to search for withdrawn identifications? (Sorry if this is a duplicate question, but I was only finding post about your own withdrawn IDs. I want to find IDs withdrawn by anyone.)

Back in August, I downloaded a species list from one of my projects ( which included Sand Pine. But now when I look at species in the project, Sand Pine is no longer listed; and I want to know what happened to it. (Unfortunately, I only copied species, not actual observations.)

In other discussions, I saw that I can search “ident_taxon_id=”, but that seems to only work for active IDs, not withdrawn IDs.

Any help on this specific strategy or other strategies for located the missing observation are appreciated.

Why do you think id was withdraw and not e.g. observations were marked cultivated?
Maybe you mean this one?

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Thanks! I believe that is the observation that I was looking for. I was actually leaving a comment on it about the same time you replied.

I located it using the tool that @pisum created (

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By the way, a simple observation search for the taxon and place with “Verifiable” unchecked would have found this observation; but if the identification had been withdrawn or over ruled by the community, it would not have found this observation. Correct? But the tool mentioned above would have still found it?

When searching identifications you can add current=false to the URL to find withdrawn IDs.

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if withdrawn and no other current identifications of sand pine by others, then it would not have been found.

if simply overruled by others but still an active identification, the observation still would have been found with the ident_taxon_id parameter.

the identifications API would have found a withdrawn identification only if you include a current=false or current=any parameter. (by default, it will assume current=true).


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