Second search from "Edit Observations" is incorrect when changing date using dropdown menu

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Step 1: Edit Observations

Step 2: Search

Step 3: Adjust “Observed on” (e.g., 3 June 2022 via dropdown menus)

Step 4: Search (Result is the correct Observations list for 3 June 2022)

Step 5: Adjust “Observed on” (e.g., 4 June 2022 via dropdown menu)

Step 6: Search (Incorrect result is Observations for 3 June 2022)

Date doesn’t appear to update search results from previous search. Only way to get it to work is to go completely out of “Edit Observations” and then come back in. Has been happening for weeks, but I didn’t report previously because it was immediately before maintenance that I noticed it (i.e., thought it might get fixed).

This is a known bug, see this bug report:

I’m going to close this bug report.