See the name of a digital camera file you uploaded previously

I upload files both from my phone and some taken with a digital camera. My camera does not record gps location data. I try and pinpoint the location as accurately as possible for the camera files. A user wants to know if my observation was in the wild or a garden. If I can view the original camera file name I can locate the folder on my pc and the folder name will give me more information. Also the photo’s taken before and after in the same series will help identify the location. How can I see the actual photo file name on iNaturalist?

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File name is not saved in EXIF on iNat sadly. But if you upload more pics to iNat from those days you can use filters and see what you documented before and after.

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Best way to do this would be to use the date to search for the file.

The observation pulls the date and time from the photo metadata. You can use that to search for “date created” or “date taken” in your image folder on your computer.

On a Windows computer you may need to enable more search/sorting functions.

On a blank space in the folder in question right click and go to the “sort by” option, then to “more”. From there you’ll see a bunch of unchecked options. Scroll down and enable the relevant date option (it’s useful to move those up near the top of the list afterwards too). That’l make it easy for you to find the relevant photo by its date and time.


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