Seeking a boffin on the Family Convolvulaceae

Hey folks

As the title explains, I’m looking for someone with authoritative knowledge on the family, specifically for the Genus Cuscuta
I recently recorded an observation of a plant which may or may not be a Data Deficient taxon last collected just before 1900

Any help would be greatly welcomed

Peace :v:

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Hi Anthony!
You could try reaching out to Dr. Mihai Costea at
He also has a neat website full of references that may be of use.
I’d love to know how it turns out!



Thank you, I will contact him soonest


That email address is not working (domain missing)
Can you maybe give it again incase there was an error somewhere?


Hi Anthony

I checked the email I’ve used before with him and it seems to be correct. It’s listed on his official website as well.
Maybe give it another try and meanwhile and I’ll look if there’s another way to reach him.

You can send me a message at to maintain communication.



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Hi Anthony !
Let us know if you have been able to reach him.

Hi guys

I have since been able to reach Mihai, thank you for the assistance
Will do a collection for him and my local herbaria


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