Separate profile name vs attribution name in copyright section

Description of need:
I would like a way to have the name listed at the top of the “profile” page be a separate entry field from the name that is shown for attribution under the “Copyright Info and More” box that appears at the bottom right of each observation page.

Feature request details:
Currently, the name you set as your “profile” name is used verbatim in the attribution details given in the “Copyright Info and More” section at the bottom of each observation page. It would be nice to have these be two separate fields - one for the profile name, and a separate field in the section of the settings used to designate copyright/creative commons license where you could have the option to set an attribution name. I exclusively go by a nickname in the “real world”, which I would like to use as my profile name, but any attribution I would prefer to be my full name; having two separate fields would solve this issue. If there is concern that not enough folks would know to fill out an attribution name perhaps it could be auto-filled with the profile name in the absence of an entry in the attribution name field.

It’s not a huge deal but would be nice to have :)

If I’m understanding you correctly, this option already exists.
I can’t remember how I got this set up.

So your full name under the attribution matches your “profile name”, the shorter name is your username.

Using my account as an example, my iNaturalist username is “awenninger”, and my profile name & attribution currently shows as “Alexandria ‘Alex’ Wenninger”. My proposal was to be able to split the profile name apart from the attribution, so in that example then the name at the top of my profile could just be “Alex” or whatever name a person prefers to go by, but the attribution could still retain the full legal name.