How to remove your name from photo and observation attribution

When users create an account via a third party like Google or Facebook, sometimes their full name is ingested by iNaturalist and entered into the Name field of their account/profile without their knowledge. This is different than the username, which is manually chosen by the user.

Aside from one’s profile, there are a few places where this name shows up, such as photo attribution:


and the Explore tab of the iOS tab:

If you don’t want your full name to appear in these places, or don’t want your name to appear at all, you can edit or remove it, either in our Android app or website.

In Android:

  1. Open the side menu and tap on Edit Profile:

Then, edit or delete the text here:

And tap on the checkmark icon in the upper right-hand corner.

On the website:

  1. Go to your Account Settings in the user menu:

  1. Edit or remove the text in the Name field:

  1. Click the blue “Save” button at the bottom of the page.