Several observations of a single individual/population


How to combine several observations of a single individual or a local population of the same species at different times and in different phases on an inNat correctly?

There is a Tag mechanism for this. But it does not provide for a single place of identification and discussion for multiple observations of a single object.

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Currently the only way to do anything similar to this are tags, as you mentioned, and observations fields.
However there have been numerous discussions on the Google Group about making a new feature that would do something like this, continued here at this thread:
I doubt the feature would work well with entire populations though.



You could create a project with just that one taxa involved (and/or place and/or time period), and have the discussion in the journal. It doesn’t solve the desire to have them all collectively IDd though, because you would have to apply the ID to get them to become part of the project!

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