Show occurrence status/local rarity of the species on species pages and observation pages

Platforms : iNat App and site

Feature request details :
I’m currently living in Belgium and there they use to put their observations, which as a rarity tag for each taxa, and I think it’s a great idea.
Creating a rarity tag for a taxon in iNaturalist would be great I think as it would push more visibility to taxa that are actually not a lot observed like some types of lichens, insects or plants.
As I use both iNaturalist and, this kind of system is really stimulant to go out and try to seek for rare taxa and complete my checklist
The main issue with this would be how to rate the species, and I think the best way to do so is to make some kind of vote were people could say if it’s either common, pretty common, rare or very rare.
Another drawback would be the range of the rarity tag, as taxa rarity could highly vary. I think the best range would be on a “region” as implemented in iNaturalist.

I know that this system kind of already exists when making check-list for places, and I’ve used it extensively

But as I am aware this system is highly underused and does not have any visuals at all, unlike the state of presence of the species, which makes it pretty useless for now.
But we could keep this system to choose how rare is a taxa and make it a lot more visual, by putting an icon next to the name in the page of the observation for exemple
Exemple I made really quickly :

This would of course only show up for the country you’ve set up in your settings

There is also drawbacks to this kind of implementation of course, so what do you think ?

@victor_85 I changed your title slightly to try to make it clearer – please feel free to edit it if you think I didn’t improve it

Might I suggest a slight refinement:
That the number of observations be displayed on an observation (see red ellipse):

Note that the Red List status is already displayed. For countries that have a national rarity status this too could be loaded into the Status Tab of the species page - this feature already exists see:

This also already displays on the observation, but it would be nice if the number of observations displays too (see red ellipse). It should not be too difficult for iNaturalist to detect the first record of any taxon on iNaturalist, and automatically comment a thank you. I guess there is a small chance of people deliberately posting false IDs to invoke this, but I guess any such attempts will be rapidly correctly identified.
Whether it is justified though on a country by country basis is another issue.

As a talley this gets my vote