Show submitted time on identify mode when no identifications have been added

This is pretty minor, but:

When identifying, the time of submission of an observation is often relevant. E.g if someone submitted an observation 2 minutes ago, I often won’t bother to point out issues immediately as chances are they will see them and fix. But on an observation 2 weeks old I’ll be more proactive.

When the observer adds an identification, I can see the date/time to know roughly when they uploaded. But if they don’t add any identifications, I have no way of telling when the observation was uploaded without opening it separately:

It would be nice if there was a way to see the upload time on such observations.

You can filter the ID modal on date, to exclude things from the same day.

There isn’t a URL search filter for upload?

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Yes, you can sort by “date added”, and then if you are doing recent ones go back several pages to start. But in that case, having the submit date right in view would make it much easier to see if you have gone back a suitable number of pages.


Sorry, what I meant was: Is there an exclude term to go along with date added?

Eg., Even if you can exclude today (instead of hours), that would cover the OP’s use case of things that had only just been uploaded.

But, yes, it would be more convenient upfront.

Yeah, there are workarounds (and after all you can always just click on the observation to see), it’s more just a convenience thing.

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This would be a pretty low priority if we decide to add it. I’m assuming you’d want it to be in relative time, eg “3m”? Maybe to the right of the observed on date, with something (like a bullet point) separating them? (I’ll note I’m not a designer ;-))