Show Visually Similar / Seen Nearby suggestions even when searching for a taxon

When uploading observations or adding identifications to those of others, CV suggestions are shown before you type a taxon name. These suggestions are annotated with small green text: “Visually Similar”, “Seen Nearby”, or both. However, as soon as you start typing, those annotations disappear. I propose that even after a taxon name has been entered and suggestions align to it, any relevant ones continue to be labeled “Visually Similar” or “Seen Nearby”. Any that the CV considers to be neither can remain unlabeled.

This would be useful to me at least, because sometimes I know what higher taxon something is in but the CV keeps suggesting a different taxon. I type in the correct taxon to narrow down the suggestions, but now I can’t tell which ones have been seen nearby.

Currently, suggestions are labeled:

But that guess was incorrect, so I search “junco”:

And now they aren’t labeled, so if I didn’t know that only one species of junco lived here I wouldn’t be able to tell which was correct.

This is sort of possible with the beta test for Android.

Are there any plans for expansion to the website? That’s all I ever use.

Android is usually the first step for new features, so maybe eventually.

The new android feature is roughly similar to the “Identotron” window (I think people call it that) that pops up on the Identify tab and when you click the Compare button on an observation’s page. I’m not sure whether that makes it more or less likely that that functionality will make it to the web upload page.

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