Slovak language

Hello I just want 1 thing… Please add Slovak language

I may be mistaken about this, but I think adding a language to iNat requires someone (or a team), usually a native speaker, working with the iNat team to manually translate everything on the site into the relevant language. That’s why the multi-lingual support expands so slowly.


There are already translations for Slovak on crowdin (app and website). And as far as I can see the site also offers to choose Slovak. Not everything is translated of course.

As @earthknight said its the community that needs to do the translations. You can find more info here:




It’s not 100 percent that has to be done. I believe it will be activated when it hits 75 percent, or there abouts as the target.

There are a few languages activated with lower percents than that like Estonian, but that may be due to additional content being added after it was turned on.



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