Slow loading time when adding annotations

Not sure if this this is the right forum or not, but when I check off life stage (IE adults), or the new category ‘alive or dead’, it takes a long time to load. This may not be a problem for most folks, but I do a lot of identifications, and diligently fill in all those data points, but it really slows down the process. I could leave them blank, but I feel that if those data are needed, I should fill them in.


It is a definite problem for me. I’m trying to clear Fieldfare with life stage and dead/alive and it takes forever for loading and doesn’t save 50% of annotations I set, it’s faster if I open the observation page, but clearly it’s not something I’d like to do with thousands of photos. Also it’s related to the bug of multiplying annotations.


Slow for me too. Always has been… Slow on both Identify screen and observation pages.


Yes, this has always been somewhat slow, but since the recent additions it has become much, much slower. On average, it now takes at least 4-5 seconds to register each change - but occasionally it can take around 30 seconds or more. Deleting annotations can be even worse sometimes, to the extent that the busy icon just spins endlessly.


Just wanted to add another “vote” to say that the recent change to annotation fields appears to have made the process slower and a lot less reliable.

In the past, there was a moderate lag when adding an annotation on the Identify screen. Now it’s very much slower.

In the past, you could be almost certain that any annotation you added would be recorded (even if you moved to another observation before it was “set”). Now, it seems the annotation fails to stick at least half the time. In particular, if a user adds multiple annotations in quick succession – e.g. “alive” + “fruiting” – it’s pretty much guaranteed that any after the first won’t be registered.

As @mamestraconfigurata and @melodi_96 highlight, this seriously impacts the usability of the interface for anyone who is trying to ID more than a few observations.