Small brown scorpion in Alpine CA

We found a small brown scorpion in Alpine, CA. Does anyone know what the sting is like that has first-hand experience? I heard it was no worse than a bee sting?

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Does this brown scorpion have noticeably large, robust hands or small, narrow hands? And the sting of any San Diego County scorpions might range in pain but none are dangerous.



Hi Kari,
I did not get a good enough look. Sorry. What could it possibly be?

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Did it look like this?

The only native scorpions I’ve seen were small and brown and very unaggressive (Santa Cruz foothills).

If not, google “california scorpions? and see if any of the images look like what you recall.

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It looked like this only all brown. They may vary in brownness?

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Yes, well… camera, lighting and individuals could vary greatly.
Here is a listing of prior observations for California Common Scorpions:

And, here is a sampler of another California scorpion species:

And, here is a list of scorpions found in Alpine, Ca:

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Thank you! I think either Superstitonia donensis or lesser likely Kovarikia williamsi.

Just as an interesting side note… scorpions turn bright blue under ultraviolet light.

Flying squirrels, on the other hand, glow pink.

(This could be useful if you’re having trouble telling the difference between a scorpion and a flying squirrel.) :grinning:


pigeon wings glow BOTH pink and blue… so confusing…

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