Someone is on pace for over 82,000 observations in 2024!

kyle_campbell1 is currently on pace for 82,276 observations in 2024. That would break the current record by dysm in 2021 with 64,340 observations by 18000 observations! reiner is also on pace for 70,422 observations by the year’s end. Both Inatters have more than double of the 3rd observer.
I know Inat is not usually viewed in terms of leaderboards, but observing 80,000 observations in a year is astonishing, and I hope this gives more people motivation to go out and observe.
I’ve been a statistics fiend for my life and tracking Inat observations/leaderboards and finding new species has always intrigued me. Perhaps soon one brave Inatter will observe 100,000 in a calendar year—an average of 274 a day!
For everyone, please keep observing AND identifying as we are slightly behind 2023’s record pace. And if you don’t usually observe heavily, perhaps go to a nearby preserve and observe all the plants, animals, and fungi there.
Let’s make Inat’s 2024 better than every year prior!


I wouldn’t worry about pace until after CNC


Oh dear, I guess this isn’t a good time for me to start my periodic grumble about quantity vs. quality :thinking:.


Yeah, I would be more excited to celebrate record growth in the number of active IDers rather than new records in observation numbers, whether by a single user or for iNat as a whole.

Now, large numbers of observations do not preclude the possiblity that they are also well-documented observations with good photos/audio, and certainly high 5-digit numbers for a single observer in a single year are an impressive achievement – but I don’t see this as being something to strive for in and of itself.

It honestly also sounds pretty exhausting to me. The most observations I’ve posted from a single day is around 50, and I found even this to be a lot of work. Kudos to those who can manage this, but I can’t imagine keeping up that pace on a daily basis.


And then our GSB in Sept 20-23 this year

Kyle is a familiar name, also a good identifier.
But the bulk of recent obs (69 not so many actually) seems to be observing every individual of one particular species - a deliberate project?

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