Something wonky with journal snippet formatting on project homepage

The latest two (April/March) are really really long “snippets” while the February one is how I’d expect it to be:


Would anyone like to help figure out why? :)

i think the news feed is supposed to chop down the journal posts to the first 120 characters of text, but in your 2 latest posts, you have a text=url hyperlink that encompasses that 120th character. so i think the system struggles to parse that if there are additional text=url hyperlinks later in the journal post. i don’t totally understand it, but remove that first link or change the text to something other than the url, and that should allow you to work around the problem for now (i think).

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Added to my weekly report.

looks like the problem described here was fixed, though now the truncated news snippets lack the ellipsis at the end…

…noted… ;-) I let our devs know.