Sorting by colour under user name

If you go to a Place you can go to “Plants” and then select a colour to narrow it down.
Can you do this under your own obs if you are searching for something?

i don’t think anything like that exists. there was some previous discussion here:

i can think of a way to automate this from the client side, but it involves actually downloading and processing all the photos you want to search through. so it’s not a very scalable option.

note, too, that the color filter in the place page seems to operate at a species level, not an observation level.

Thank you @pisum
Maybe one day it will also be possible

i suppose that someone could write an app that would allow you to pull your observations, analyze the photos, and add tags back to the observations based on the colors found in the photos. then you would be able to search by those tags. i suppose you would just need to find someone willing to write such an app.

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