Search observations by color, etc on Identify

Can a feature be implemented so that I could search for blue or white observations, e.g.? Using this I can decide to search for only birds of the genus X which have blue in the photo, because I know that in this genus only one species is blue. Or something similar at other taxonomic levels. So it would be a handy feature to have on Identify.
The broader application of it is to have observations on Identify searchable by’relevant’ features, whatever those would be, such as spurs or thorns, but that one is much harder, probably infeasible. Color is already well-defined. Color might also be simple since every pixel must have a color value in the pic when it’s uploaded. Pictures can even be tagged with the most prevalent colors for searching, e.g. as the vision algorithm is classifying them, or can be searched as Identify is run.

Being able to sort by colors or other features would be a huge help for trying to identify stuff, particularly for users who aren’t very familiar with taxonomic groups. While you mention using it on the Identify page, I think I’d also want it on the explore page because that’s where I look for research grade observations to compare with what I’m trying to identify


The old identotron interface sort of has a color filter for plants. The only way I know how to get there for specific observations these days is to open the “compare” button in a new browser window/tab (right-click, etc.):

How reliable this color information is, I do not know.


Thanks! I had no idea that type of tool existed! I was always simply clicking on the compare button, which opens a modal dialog box, not the identron interface. Whether the identotron, search URLs, or the experimental multiple species mapping tool, I learn about all sorts of tucked away and non-obvious features every week in this forum!


I want something like that for the whole site, all the taxa. It’s cool they have the functionality available somewhere.
I wonder where that information comes from for each picture.
This isn’t doable from the identify or explore pages - I looked, seems no. I want the feature to show observations too, not by taxa necessarily.
What I have in mind is good for returning blue observations of birds, including those not already marked as taxa that are blue, just as bird.

Strangely enough, “Places” has a rudimentary color filter for sorting through the Research Grade observations for a place. See[]=blue

The filter is sometimes helpful for identifying wildflowers. I have always wondered whether there is something users of the filter could do to teach it to work better.

Ohhh! this is really neat. It quickly helped me answer a question that I had answered, but wasn’t 100% on, which was which Seed Bugs (Family Lygaeidae) live in my area. (

@danaleeling me too! exactly the same three that you linked too. These tools will definitely help me as a mid level non-professional identifier.


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