Sorting photos of shells

I’m trying to organize photos on my computer, and I don’t know whether I should put the photos of shells (Gastropod shells, shells from the beach, etc.) in a folder with photos of alive organisms or a folder of stuff like nests, tracks, etc. Where should I put them?

From the options you gave, I’d say kind of more towards the latter (nests, tracks, etc.), if the shell is empty. The shell is evidence of the organism’s existence even if the actual organism itself, ie. its fleshy body, had already decayed.

I personally would just create a folder called “Mollusca”, and then dump your shell pics there.

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In terms of how they’re meant to be used on iNat (in the context of evidence of presence annotations):

Most mollusks, live or dead, are IDed by shell, so the organism is usually not considered much more than that (although that is changing for the better). It’s definitely part of the organism, unlike nests or tracks, but if it’s dead and empty I suppose it would be more like a bone category.

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My photo folders look more like the taxonomy tree on iNat.
Make a folder for Shells - then you can put it where you want to, or move it when you need to.
But I prefer to stay with - date and place - then use iNat itself to sort the tree of life.

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