Sounds recorded with app warbled?

I’ve noticed recently that most of the sounds I’ve recorded via the app sound warbled like I generally link to noise suppression. Is there noise filtering or heavy compression occurring in the app that might cause this?

there’s no example referenced here, but i assume this is the same thing reported in

Not sure, but it might help to know which version of the app you are using (Android or iOS) - unless only one has audio recording and I am unaware.

I have had luck recording and identifying sounds using the Merlin app, and uploading them via iNaturalist.

I would suggest not uploading screenshots of the app (see other threads on the forum for some discussion of this). Briefly, staff have asked users not to upload photos of spectrograms, the screenshots also contain photo images of the species that are someone else’s, and screenshots like this could cause issues when training the CV model. In general, users should only upload AI suggested IDs that they can confirm based on their own expertise (see the unfolding fiasco with lots of dubious Merlin IDs being uploaded to ebird…)

I’ve switched over to the BirdNET Android app -


I changed not so much because the canned app was bad - this is just better! You can also select and save numerous portions of the recording. Vey handy if you have two birds calling.

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