Space or no? Named hybrid plants

In practice (, named nothotaxa are shown with no extra space between the × symbol and the name. Hybrid formulae, on the other hand, always have spaces on both sides of the × symbol.

Thank you @jdmore I did not knew that.

I have read more carefully and it does not seam like the space in nothotaxa matter that much:

H.3A.1. In named hybrids, the multiplication sign × belongs with the name or epithet but is not actually part of it, and its placement should reflect that relation. The exact amount of space, if any, between the multiplication sign and the initial letter of the name or epithet should depend on what best serves readability.”

I guess that we could choose one or another on iNat, but I would like to have consistency, so not sure how this could be solved. Maybe we could start a thread about this specific topic on the general forum or the curator forum.

Yes, I was just noting that the composers of the text in the Code chose the option to not add any space. And I think that has always been the case in previous versions of the code. So that seems like a reasonable standard to follow.

I think we should wait and see if the developers can adjust the iNat coding to properly capitalize both options – with space or without, before starting a debate about which standard to follow. At Genushybrid rank, the word(s) should always be capitalized, whether expressed as a name or as a formula.

Unfortunately it looks like differences between hybrid spacing in names on iNat vs. POWO cause these to be listed as deviations:

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Then it would be better to have a space for consistency with POWO?

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