Species Appearing As “Seen Nearby” When It Has Not

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The species Platycryptus undatus (North America) is mistaken by the system as Marpissa muscosa (Europe)
a lot, but only when you include species not seen nearby. However, I recently have been seeing it recommended as nearby! It is not, and there are no observations of it in North America at all. (Except for the people blindly choosing it without knowledge, as it does say “nearby” now.)

Step 1: create an observation of Platycryptus undatus

Step 2: it may recommend Marpissa muscosa

Step 3: check map, no observations anywhere in North America

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There is a possible explanation – if the data for seen nearby was last refreshed between April 5 and April 10, there would have been a nearby RG M. muscosa (which was moved to Tribe on April 10).


Yes I think that makes sense, they are all centered around that location. I’ll try to check for Marpissa muscosa in North America every day to make sure this doesn’t happen again.