Seen Nearby appears not to be working


The species suggestions aren’t showing seen nearby for species that have been seen nearby.
I first noticed this yesterday, and it is repeatable today. I uploaded this identical observation shown in the screen capture earlier today, and I have had this species observed within a few meters at the same time of year in previous years, however it is not showing seen nearby.

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I’ve noticed this as well. Unfortunately, this leads to a great number of automatic misidentifications. Geographical filter for automatic IDs was working pretty good to separate common American and European plants. So, we are waiting this feature coming back.

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The “seen nearby” component of species suggestions should be showing up again. Please report back if you’re still not seeing it


Excellent, thank you.
I just tested and can confirm it is working as before.

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Was trying to work out why the “seen nearby” was never seen in my dropdown suggestions list then I figured it out.

If you don’t have a gps location, set the location first then you will see the “seen nearby” LOL

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