Species identified, but keep showing 'Community Taxon at species level or lower'

This observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/32263750

Is reporting ‘not research grade’ due to not being identified up to species level, but 4 users already reported the species without any disagreement. Does someone know why It happen ?

The observer opted out of community ID, so you can mark it as not needing further ID in the Data Quality Assessment section.


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But then it continues as casual grade. It doesn’t solve the issue of an identified species being wrongly marked as not scientific grade.
How can someone opt out of community ID and why there’s this option?

When I asked that, one person explained that what he observed needed skill to ID - so he preferred to monitor the incoming IDs. But that person followed notifications and engaged in discussion.
Otherwise I find it erects hurdles for those who are trying, and trying, and trying, to ID obs.

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I know of one Israeli botanist who doesn’t exactly follow iNat’s taxonomy, so he has community ID turned off.
I’m not going to say that if he doesn’t like the system he shouldn’t be here – definitely not – since he does provide many many IDs and has rare expertise in local plants, including rare ones or those extremely difficult to ID.

That said, I’m not a huge fan of turning off CID for every observation rather than specific ones.

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