Species list including taxon_id and ITIS ID

I am working on an analysis project where I have many species that came from the USGS GAP analysis program.

These species are identified via their gap species code and also include an ITIS ID. I am trying to link these data to some info from iNaturalist and make use of the API.

Does anyone know of a list of all species in iNaturalist that includes both the iNaturalist taxon_id and the ITIS code?

I’ve downloaded the GBIS DarwinCore archive of observations but these don’t include a link between the two.

Wikidata is the most likely place to find this, but I dont know enough about how to get data out of there, perhaps a read through there may give light on how to do it.

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Wikidata indeed had those mappings. They can be obtained by submitting a SPARQL query to the Wikidata Query Service

The following query would give you the mappings between the two identifiers.

?item wdt:P3151 ?iNatTaxID ; # P3151 -> iNaturalist Taxon ID
wdt:P815 ?ITIS . #P815 -> ITIS TSN
get the results or run the query

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