Species not included in iNat drop-down choices

I submitted images from an iNat observation (a fly in the Bibionidae) to BugGuide, where an expert identified it to species (Bibio nigrifemoratus). When I tried to add this i.d. to the observation in iNat, I found that the species name is not included in the drop-down choices. How should I handle this?

(I looked for this topic in General and didn’t see it–apologies if it appears somewhere else.)

The drop down list is not comprehensive. Start typing the name of the taxon and the name should appear – assuming it is already part of iNaturalost taxonomy.

Can you add a screenshot so we can see what exactly.is happening?

The species is not currently in the iNat taxonomy. I’m not an insect taxonomist/curator, so I’m not sure what the correct authority for insects is and if it can be added or not.

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If you add all information in your post, other people do not need to search for it.
As far as I know people can add taxa to iNaturalist themselves.


When a taxon does not exist on iNaturalist, please flag the parent taxon for curation and specify what needs to be added. It is a great help if you can include your sources.

Thank you all for your help!

@optilete, I see that you were able to add the species i.d. to this observation. Great! I was unable to add it–not sure why. Problem solved.

Looks like the species was just added at some point today (I only know how to see date, not time added), so that explains why it wasn’t available earlier.

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Where can you see the date?
I think I did not add the species, but I thought everybody can do it, if the species is in the framework.

If I go to the Edit Taxon page for it (https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/1235909/edit), which I don’t think you can access unless you’re a curator, I can see it was created yesterday at the bottom of the page.

I wonder if a curator saw this conversation and added the species?

In case this is useful, here is the photo/observation on BugGuide: https://bugguide.net/node/view/1958298

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