Species ranges that I updated reverted to incorrect IUCN ranges

A few years ago, I had updated the range maps for several species of Geomys using all available evidence so that they are as correct as can be determined. Recently, those range maps were deleted and replaced with IUCN range maps which are VERY incorrect. What happened here? Was this an automatic site-wide replacement of all range maps with IUCN maps, or did an individual decide for these particular species that the VERY incorrect range maps were better for some reason that what I had uploaded?


There was a bulk update that was supposed to allow for keeping deviations, but it did end up squashing some previous maps, more details here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/updating-iucn-red-list-rangemaps/25817

If you still have your maps, you can definitely upload them again and use the deviation procedure outlined in the post I linked – that will prevent them from getting replaced accidentally again.


You can correct it on iNat, but you can also get in touch with the right group to get them updated on the IUCN website as well so that it doesnt happen again. Data and updates are always welcome!


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