Species to see in a new season!

The first viper is soo cool! We’ve just moved from the mountains, they have lots of snakes, but they only get out in June! Ugh, but found 4 new snakes so far, no skink, had no time to visit the spot with the most observations, but will go out tomorrow in a place that has lots of stuff including rare skinks, so if we’re lucky maybe we will see it, or I’ll leave it for another visit.)

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It is. Thanks. There’s a reason it was my top target :-)

Which mountains? Which snakes?

I’ve seen the skinks in Israel. Fairly common there, but still not the easiest.

Easier than describing ;) https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?d1=2023-05-15&place_id=any&subview=map&user_id=marina_gorbunova
Skinks are in the Red List of the country, not found out of southern Dagestan here.

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Good luck with them. I’d love to find renardi & dione.

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Today, I made an attempt to find Marchantia polymorpha (common liverwort). So far the result is an increased awareness of characters of lichen. :grinning: It is still early and the search is fun.

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Got one! Observation for Antennaria rosea

This wasn’t a hard target, but it was fun to be on the look out. Turns out I had observed it once before, but didn’t realize it until someone IDed from genus to species for me last month. Today’s observation is a more typical representation of the species.


I love Rosy Pussytoes! The name alone just tickles me. It’s a species that I’d like to have in the garden, but it’s been preposterously difficult to find plants or seeds. Oh well; gardens are long-term exercises in cultivating patience as much as anything else.


Thank you - I’m in upstate New York. Any chance you’re in southeastern Ontario?

@erin-816, yes I live in southeastern Ontario in the Kingston area :smiley:

I observed Marchantia polymorpha yesterday! It was on a stream bank hiding in moss. I’m guessing that now that I’ve found it once, I’ll keep seeing it again.

I think I’m going to pick a few more new targets out of my local unobserved. Both Penstemon strictus and Centaurea stoebe are common enough that I should be able to find them. In fact, I imagine I have and either passed them by or didn’t get the details necessary for ID in the photos I posted.


I brought an Olympus underwater camera with me on my recent trip to Hawaii which opened a new world for me with getting photos while snorkeling. Everything was new, photo-wise. And everything was on my wish list.


Dang. Goals? Lists? I just thought we were supposed to go out and explore.

This is my first full spring with iNat and my first with a good macro lens so I get new stuff on every trip now. And I’d say that 95% plus of those are species I never heard of. A big part of the fun is just checking them out afterwards.

That’s also why I like to enter new stuff one entry at a time. I like to enjoy the thrill of discovery in little sips.

Here’s one I discovered last week that I had should have guessed was out there but I was shocked when I came across one:


As floristically diverse as California is, it is really hard to find mushrooms there – the climate is so dry, and the rainy season (such as it is) is winter. Now that I’m in North Carolina, we’re in the hot season, and having ample rainfall; so this place just seems to be bursting with mushrooms! I’m taking the opportunity to expand the Basidiomycete portion of my dynamic life list.

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