Species to see in a new season!

The first viper is soo cool! We’ve just moved from the mountains, they have lots of snakes, but they only get out in June! Ugh, but found 4 new snakes so far, no skink, had no time to visit the spot with the most observations, but will go out tomorrow in a place that has lots of stuff including rare skinks, so if we’re lucky maybe we will see it, or I’ll leave it for another visit.)

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It is. Thanks. There’s a reason it was my top target :-)

Which mountains? Which snakes?

I’ve seen the skinks in Israel. Fairly common there, but still not the easiest.

Easier than describing ;) https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?d1=2023-05-15&place_id=any&subview=map&user_id=marina_gorbunova
Skinks are in the Red List of the country, not found out of southern Dagestan here.

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Good luck with them. I’d love to find renardi & dione.

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Today, I made an attempt to find Marchantia polymorpha (common liverwort). So far the result is an increased awareness of characters of lichen. :grinning: It is still early and the search is fun.

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