Spiders and annotations

I wish that for spiders annotations could do like plants and allow multiple stages.

Two examples that I recently ID’d are

A long bodied cellar spider with an eggsac


A mother wolf spider with juveniles on its back

When I click flowering on a plant, a new annotation appears and I can also put that it is fruiting.

It would be nice to click adult for spider and a new annotation appear that gives me the option to put juvenile or egg given examples like this.

Observation is for one individual, plants can both flower and fruit at the same time, if you wish to have observation for eggs, you can upload the same picture (or cropped) and add that annotation, or sacrifice the female and only add egg annotation or juvenile in both cases respectively.


I too wish we could annotate for the adult and young both present in the photo or the eggs and adult, or both male and female of a pair, but it’s just not iNaturalist practice. Each observation is, technically, for a single individual. Sigh.


The iNat project, Multiple Life Stages has created some observation fields that can be used regardless of whether or not you decide to add your observation to the project.

Here’s an example of mine: Mother Wolf Spider w/ juveniles. Notice I have left the “life stage” annotation blank, but under “observation fields”, I have added some reliant fields.


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