Multiple life stages (not a plant)

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Step 1: Visited this observation

Step 2: Noticed that it has multiple life stage annotations. I have seen this behavior in plant observations, but not in observations of animalia

Step 3: Haven’t seen any new announcements about being able to add multiple life stages to any taxon outside of flora, and don’t see an option to do so on any other observations (mine or others), so I assume this is a bug, not a feature.

Most(one is single, one is doubled) of the observational fields of the same record are tripled as well.

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I’m pretty sure it can be “corrected” by a vote up on the annotation, but I actually think it should be voted down, as it is an adult, not an egg! If there was a comment that it was ovipositing, then maybe I’d call it egg…

[I haven’t upvoted or downvoted it in case staff/devs want to see it…]


That’s what I thought when I originally found it. I didn’t downvote the annotations or even leave a comment b/c I wanted to be sure staff saw it.

Thanks, @melodi_96, I added a comment there.

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I’m going to close this to focus to