Spottings vanish?

I realized one of my spottings vanished and I did not delete it. There was nothing wrong with it so where did it go and who is removing my uploads without my permission?

Do you have more details you can provide? Do you remember the species of the observation? Not really possible to investigate without some more information

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You might try looking under “Casual”. If it was something that appeared to be “Captive/Cultivated”, someone may have designated it as such.

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Are you sure you saw the observation before you made it? It is possible that you added the observation, but closed the program before it added which didn’t enable to take the time to fully upload. If you did upload the observation and you are sure you saw it what was it of? Do you think it could’ve been marked as captive or cultivated or any other mark that would make it casual? If so make sure you are also looking through casual observations when looking for it!

who is removing my uploads without my permission?

I don’t think anyone is removing your observations and if they were it would be a Site Admin and I would assume they would only remove it for actual and legit reasons. No one is removing uploads without your permission that needs your permission to remove that so you don’t have to worry about that.

I do not think that “Casual” causes something to disappear from my “Your Observations” tab, unless I set the filters specifically to do that.

My hunch is that something probably went wrong during the upload. Occasionally, I come across observations that were cut off mid-upload – it appears as a gray text that says “processing,” even though it might have been months or years ago. When using the app, I have sometimes opened the app, only to find that my most recent observation is still “Waiting to upload”; that happens if I close the app before it has finished uploading.


@keithpetrosky or what it’s worth, I don’t see any deleted observations for your account.

I suspect this is what happened. But without more information, like the details that @thebeachcomber mentioned, it’s not really possible to investigate.