Start Week/Calendar on Monday

Weeks start on Mondays with weekENDs funnily enough at the end. I don’t know where people started using Sundays as the start of the week.

I think Mondays should be first whenever dates are displayed (e.g. date picker, observation Calendar).

You would wonder how easily apparently obvious facts might turn upside down… In Egypt for example, workweeks start on Sundays. ;-) In many parts of the world Sunday is still considered to be the start of the week… Including many English speaking nations

Your nickname sounds german? Even in Germany Sunday used to be start of the week until not so long ago. So yeah, I do not think it is so cristal clear considering that INat is used all around the world


I wonder how much effort it would be to allow the week start to be set by user preference. Depending on how the calendar is set up/coded I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s almost out of iNat’s hands, though.

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I hope the team will prefer to start fixing bugs in stead of silly user requests. I agree with Ajott
ISO 8601 agrees with Reiner…
And Egypt the week should start on Saturday…


Ok, not sure about official start of the week in Egypt, but know that “weekend”, meaning no work in many professions and no school, is Friday and Saturday… so the workweek starts on Sunday.

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Sunday is the default start of the week in many parts of the world, like on my American (end user, not manufacturer) computer:


Alternatively, Saturday and Sunday occupy each end of the week ;)


Some businesses in some places in the USA including where I live are closed on Sunday and Monday instead of Saturday and Sunday.

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perhaps it is a personal setting on our computers?
My computer starts with Monday (altho I was taught that ‘the week starts on Sunday’)

I wouldn’t mind allowing users to choose which day to start the week on, but I have a feeling that it would cause a lot more chaos than benefit.

Israel, where I live, is another place that works Sundays. Between the Jews and the Muslims it made sense for Friday to be a day off.


Cool, I always thought I was internationally standard! ;-)

I realize this change (as any) means work, although the calendar/date widgets would probably already have the week-start as a parameter or property but changing this doesn’t gain much and adding it to a user’s preferences is more work.

Agree - weekends (wether Sat+Sun or Fri+Sat depending on location) are two days when most people do different things than on the other five and they do them concurrently. Logical to group those two days together.

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We won’t be moving forward with this request, so I’ll close it.

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