Date and Time Display Issues?

So like the rest of the US, iNat uses M/D/Y format (eg 11/15/20 and variations like November 15, 2020) and a 12 hour clock to display dates and times, at least by default. But I don’t think many (or any) other country displays dates in that format. Depending on your account’s locale, we’ll change the way dates are displayed, eg here’s English vs German in Explore’s list view:



But it’s not done consistently or at all for some locales, nor is it consistently applied on the site. And just going by locale (eg English, German, Japanese) doesn’t work all the time, because places like the UK display dates differently than the US does.

I’d like to use this thread to gather examples of improperly formatted dates and times so we can start correcting this these issues. So please reply if you come across any, and include:

  • your account’s locale (find it in your account settings)
  • your country
  • any relevant URLs and screenshots
  • how the date and/time should be formatted for your locale/country



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